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Myssy Wool Hat/Balaclava


Brand: Color:Autumn Orange, Birch Yellow, Black, Pink, Violet
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This Myssy Balaclava is hand-knitted in the Myssy capital of the world at Pöytää on the needles of Myssy mummies from 100% organic Finnish sheep wool. The product is hand-dyed and due to the dyeing process, the colors may vary slightly from batch to batch.

Balaclava was originally used as an accessory in the Battle of Balaclava in the Crimean War in the 1850s, when the Russians fought against the British Army. The weather was freezing and the British army was given a completely new type of headgear to provide protection and warmth.


The material of the hats is 100% organic wool from Finnish sheep. The wool comes from Finnish organic sheep farms and is spun and washed in Finland. The yarns are dyed by hand at Myssy’s headquarters.

All our products are knitted by local retired ladies, or Myssymummoi. You can check who knitted it on your hat and thus know the story of its maker!


ll Myssy garments are handmade in Finland with high-quality yarn and we are proud of our work. We give all our products a lifetime warranty.

Check inside your Myssy to see who made it!


One Size fits most of our customers (54cm-59cm). Wool is a flexible material, thanks to which Myssy adapts to the size of its wearer’s head in a few weeks.

As a new Myssy, she must be a bit snappy.

However, the hats are unique; even though each Hat has a size classification chart, not all Hats are the same size, but there may be slight variations.

If you are unsure of the size, you can always write in the comment box with your order, for example: “I want a large/small size”, in which case we will try to take this into account when choosing a product from stock.

Italy : 7€, Free shipping over 100€
Central Europe : 10€
North & East Europe : 20€
Rest of the World : 35€

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