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Liquid organic bold shape ring reminds us the pass of time. The Liquid Silver Ring comes with a handmade ceramic stone box made of a white clay and glazed inside and out. Please kindly note that our ceramic boxes are handcrafted and unique so there might be some differences from the picture.


The ring can be adjusted in size.

Note that the size of the ring is given in dimeter mm. Measure the inner diameter of a ring that you’ve already own.

Meterial: Sterling Silver

Dimensions: 2,6 cm at widest point

Weight: 8 gr

Finish: Polished

Jewelry Care:

We recommend avoiding the use of perfume and body lotion products on the part of the skin near the jewelry piece. Furthermore for a long lasting condition of your piece we also suggest to remove it before contact with water (swimming/showering). Store the piece in a cool, dry and dark place .At the end of the day, wipe your jewelry gently with a soft cloth before storing it away.

KM by LANGE Jewelry Capsule is a line of handcrafted silver jewelry result of collaboration with Ellina, the founder of Elinor Jewelry. The line consists of timeless pieces which retain organic and raw feeling. All pieces are molded in wax, then cast in sterling silver into bold yet elegant pieces. Small imperfections, organic and natural shapes are the sign of manual process and our ode to craftsmanship. Handmade in Ukraine by woman for women.

Italy : 7€, Free shipping over 100€
Central Europe : 10€
North & East Europe : 20€
Rest of the World : 35€

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Customer care

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